The Eminent Grand Master

The late Grand Master Isamu Tamotsu was a true martial artist.

He not only mastered one form of martial arts, but also practiced and captured the essence of various other types of martial arts, including many Okinawan styles of KARATE, JUDO from KODOKAN, JU-JUTSU and many other styles of KOBUDO, ancient martial arts.

He revived all the techniques that had turned into a mere formality among those martial arts, integrated, and re-organized them.

He stated, "KATA and KUMITE are equally important, just like the two wheels of a cart," since he was concerned that each style of KARATE overemphasized KATA.

Thus, he created further practical and logical techniques in KUMITE, and established a rule to wear BOGU, protective gear for the body, when learning sparring techniques.

All of his devoted work and achievements are crystalized into SHORINJIRYU KARATE-DO, which focuses on SEIRYU SHICHIHO, the seven authentic KATAs.

He founded RENSHINKAN later, aiming to support the recovery of postwar Japan by fostering the health of the country’s youth both physically and mentally through KARATE.

Master Isamu Tamotsu
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