Festa 2023

19th YUSHINMON Festa 2023
~Reverence for My Master and New Challenges~

November 12, 2023. 12:30 p.m. At: Yoyogihachiman Community Center

We've successfully held the 19th 'Festa 2023 (Reverence for My Master and New Challenges).' Unlike a competition, this event became a stage where everyone from various DOJOs shone as the main character, showcasing their unique traits. We believe we presented the best demonstrations as a grand finale to the year.
The opening special demonstration featured middle school black belt representatives performing GOJUSHIHO, BASSAI, and BŌ-JUTSU. These performances were enhanced with the unique creativity of our SOKE, turning out to be exceptionally splendid.
This time, we divided DOJOs into groups, with each designing and presenting their own compositions.
The 'Matatabi' A Capella group from Tokai University made a refreshing appearance during showtime, with seven students creating a brisk, rejuvenating breeze with their performance.
The highlight was the SŌKE's exclusive demonstration of three IAI KATA: SHOHATTŌ, SHIPPŪ, and IN'YŌTŌ. It's pretty rare to see our SŌKE's skills up close, and the tension and overwhelming spirit in the room were palpable.
A heartfelt thanks to all the parents and participants for their understanding and cooperation. As members and family of YUSHINMON, we're grateful for such an enjoyable day. Below, we've posted photos from Festa. We invite you to relive the thrilling moments of the day.
Also, we're planning to bring Festa to New York in the near future.
※Keep an eye out for upcoming videos and heartfelt comments from our amazing parents and participants.


Representative Demonstrations

BASSAI and GOJUSHIHO by middle school students
BASSAI by ODA Mao 2nd Dan (center) GOJUSHIHO by YAMADA Miho 2nd Dan (left), ENDO Togo 1st Dan (right)

YOSHIDA Taketo 4th Dan

MAEDA Chisato 4th Dan

MAKI Keiko, Actress

Model demonstration of YAKUSOKU KUMITE by KONOKI Yoko 6th Dan KYOSHI (left) and ONO Chihiro 5th Dan RENSHI (right)

BO-JUTSU by ODA Mao (middle school student) Delivering a prologue


Sumida Group

Taito Group

Suginami Group

Due to conflicts with school and other events, only five of the 30 or so members were able to participate.

Sohonbu Group

KATA by people in thieir 80s


Greetings from Guests of Honor

Advisor OTSU Hiroko

Invitation Stage

Tokai University's A Cappella circle "Matatabi"


Siblings representatives: MOCHIDUKI 2nd Dan, temporarily returned from Malaysia Parents and children representatives

Four-member family representatives

Two-generation representatives

Award for perfect attendance

4-year perfect attendance

Special demonstration

Lottery Session


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