Festa 2021

17th YUSHINMON Festa 2021
~ The Future To Be Created For You ~

2021 November 19 at Shinjuku Hall
We would like to express our heartfelt sympathy to those who have suffered from various disasters during this COVID surge. We pray for their early recovery and reconstruction.
Thanks to your support, we were able to hold the "Festa 2021 — The Future To Be Created For You", despite the severe conditions, the same as last year.
Unlike a tournament, at the Festa, everyone played a leading role, showing the characteristics of each dojo.
Due to the limited number of people on stage and in the audience, the demonstrations were structured to emphasize distance, but we are sure we were able to show the best we could as the year came to a close.
We would like to thank the parents and everyone involved for their understanding and cooperation in allowing the children to participate in the event.
We would also like to express our sincere gratitude to all of you for making this event an enjoyable experience as students of Yushinmon, as friends, and as a family.
We have prepared some photos of the festa. We would like to ask you to think about the excitement of the festa once again.

Opening Performance

New members

Primary school students green belt and purple belt

Primary school students brown belt

Black belt Performance

Greeting from guests of honor

Ms. Hiroko Otsu

Mr.Takahiro Kobayashi

Team introduction

Sumida Group

Suginami Group

Chuo Group

Taito Group


Family Performance

6 represented families


Ms. Keiko Maki, Ms. Reiru Sawada(Junior high schoolstudent)

Invitation stage


Represented Performance

Ms. Chisato Maeda, Ms. Honami Inaba(high school student), Ms. Akari Hara(high school student) Chinto Gojushiho

Bo-jutsu Tokumineno-kon:Ms. Chihiro Ono Renshi Shihan

Lottery Session


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