Festa 2020

16th Yushinmon Festa 2020

2020 November 22. at Suginami Hall
We pray and hope that people heavily affected by the coronavirus will recover and that everyone involved will be able to return to work as soon as possible.
We also hope that those who have suffered from natural disasters will recover as soon as possible.
Yushinmon provides training for the healthy growth of children based on human development.
Despite the difficult circumstances, we managed to hold this annual event, Festa 2020, this year.
Initially, the organizing committee considered cancelling the event, but after thorough disinfection, hand washing, and masks, we decided to hold the event via webcast.
We would like to express our sincere gratitude to all the families and people who gave their permission for the pupils to participate in the event.
And above all, We would like to express our deepest gratitude to Soke Nakazaki who decided to hold the event under such circumstances and took the lead.
Unlike competitions, everyone plays a leading role in Festa.
This is a great opportunity to see the daily practice in the spotlight, and to see the parent-child relationship as well as the children's closeness as if they were real brothers and sisters.
Beginners were invited to visit us on the web this time.
We hope you can see the photos and feel the excitement of the event.

Rensei Yushinmon Cup Winners' Performance


Primary school students purple belt representative: WANSHU

Primary school students brown belt representative: SEISAN

Junior high school students black belt representative: CHINTO

Adult and Middle-aged Women Performance

Take a breather!

Adult Men Performance

Black belt Performance: Koubou Tsukikaeshi

Greeting from guests of honor

greeting from Mr. Oi, the proxy of Tokyo Metropolitan Assemblywoman Ms. Hiroko Otsu

Greeting from guests of honor


Chief Director Nakamura


Tokyo Honbu Sumida Dojo, Chuo Branch, etc. (Group 1)

Shiwari, first grade at high school

Itabashi Branch, etc. (Group 2)

Junior high school student

High school students with colored belt

Taito Branch, Toyosu Branch (Group 3)

Sohonbu etc. (Group 4)

Family Performance 1

Family Performance 2

Three-generation Family Performance

Perfect Attendance Award

Achievement Award

Pupil for 35 years

Pupil for 20 years; 30 years in total

Representative Performance: BASSAI

High School Girls, Junior High School Girls

Representative Performance: BOJUTSU


Lottery Session


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