Visiting the Dominican Republic and New York

From May 17th to 25th, we visited the Dominican Republic and New York for a guidance tour. The enthusiasm of the SHIHANs who sought to respond to SOKE's guidance was so fervent that it could hardly be expressed in words. We believe you can feel this passion by looking at the photos taken on the spot.
From the time we first visited an overseas dojo, we had a strong impression, which was even clearer when we went there. The teachings of the leader of the original group to which they belonged were extremely sloppy and only form without substance. Taking this seriously, we are visiting the site to restore the fallen credibility.
We would like you to understand once again that the survival of the group depends on the succession of techniques.
11 years since the establishment of Yushinmon. For the past 10 years, we have been full of ingenuity and continuous reforms. As a result, we have achieved high and legitimate techniques and contents. Yushinmon is a comprehensive martial art that is in no way inferior to other styles and schools. The fact that many people are looking to transfer from other schools and wish to join under Yushinmon may be proof of this.
We would like to add that we are not conducting guidance out of personal gain or selfish emotions.

Arriving in the Dominican Republic

Arrived at Santo Domingo airport after over 30 hours from Japan.
Senior members were there to welcome us.


SHIHAN Quiñones

SHIHAN Montalvo

SHIHAN Cuebas, Head of Puerto Rico Headquarters

Dominican Republic, Day 2 (May 19)

A five-and-a-half-hour intensive training course was held for the headquarters' senior members.

KATA: SEISAN, CHINTO, GOJUSSHIHO (including BUNKAI and interpretation)
TOJUTSU, Etiquette and Performance

SHIHAN Quiñones, SHIHAN Santiago, SHIHAN Ochoa

After the promotion test, a 6th dan was awarded to SHIHAN Jose Peña, who has been a member of Yushinmon for 9 years.

Throws with a reverse grip

SHIHAN Nestul Guilamo

Reunion with SHIHAN Santana Idar after a long time.

Dominican Republic, Day 3 (May 20)

It took about 3 hours from Santo Domingo to Haina dojo. Departed the hotel at 7 am.
The new dojo leader SHIHAN Bienvenido (transferred from another school).

Dominican Republic, Day 4 (May 21)

Referee training after practice.
Confirmation of official referee rules and regulations, etc., and practice. (From referee's mindset to flag waving)


New York

Ozone Park, New Affiliate Dojo

Arrival at Newark Airport (Head of Headquarters, Jeter Vargas)

SHIHAN Jeter, SHIHAN Homy, SHIHAN Gariba, SHIHAN Epiphamio (joined from other schools and styles).

A message from parents and students: For a second time we had the highest honor of hosting Soke Nakazaki in New York. This time we were even more impressed since Soke Nakazaki worked closer with all the students of Yushinmon Karate Do. Soke explained the how Yushinmon Karate is applied and showed vivid examples. Soke's female student from Japan was a living example of his mastery. We hope to see Soke again soon and we hopefully we can visit in Japan in the following years.

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