2018 Greetings

I am delighted to announce that we conducted the KAN-GEIKO, an annual New Year training event in Tokyo, on January 7th this year.

This year marks my 51st year as one of many disciples of SHORINJI-RYU KARATE.

I greatly appreciate the opportunity to have learned KARATE directly from the late ISAMU TAMOTSU, long time distinguished, eminent martial artist.

I sincerely accept the profound honor of being the sole and exclusive direct heir of the late ISAMU TAMOTSU and the *DOTO SHORINJI-RYU KARATE.

*DOTO :structured tradition, from master to trustworthy heir

At the beginning of this year, I pledged in front of the photo of the late ISAMU TAMOTSU at the YUSHINMON Headquarters in Tokyo, that I shall continuously and proactively dedicate myself to promoting the true value of KARATE throughout my lifetime. I shall treasure and respect the tradition surrounding the entire "TAMOTSU KEMPO", authentic KATAs including SEIRYU-SHICHIHO, AHNANKU, WANSHU, SEISAN, CHINTO, GOJUSSHIHO, BASSAI and KU-SHAN-KU along with ancient BUDOs such as BOJUTSU, SAI, JO, Dagger, JUJUTSU and IDORI.

Lastly, I wish all of you good health, happiness, and world peace.

Yasutaka Nakazaki

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