IAI, sword-drawing was developed as a sect of swordsmanship in medieval period in Japan when peasant farmers were trained as actual forces, and is presently remained as the IAI-DO, way of IAI, one of refined martial arts.

It is a form of swordsmanship that one strikes down an attacking opponent with a swing of the sword speedily drawn out of its sheath, while one is sitting or walking.

Spirit of ZEN, Buddhist meditation is a principle of martial arts. In other words, we learn ZEN through IAI practices using the sword.
SAMURAI always acted reminded of death with appreciation, and it has been the basic spirit of SAMURAI.

Characteristics of YUSHINMON IAI

It is a method to reduce the opponent’s force, and not the method to amputate opponent with a single stroke of the sword.
We utilize the strategic WAZAs or skills including basic fifteen WAZAs.

These smooth and distinct movements represent a true SAMURAI spirit.

Flowing and watertight movements and skills were inherited by the YUSHINMON Grand Master, YASUTAKA NAKAZAKI from the IAI SOKE, EIJI TAKAKURA.

1 Rei-Shiki

2 Ō-Torii

3 Sō-Senshin

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