Joint Mid-winter Training

2024 Kangeiko

Sunday, Jan. 7, 2024
We conducted our New Year's Kangeiko, the cold weather training. This year, we planned to hold the training outdoors at Shinjuku Chuo Park. Unfortunately, due to the rampant spread of influenza and COVID-19, we decided to hold the event indoors.
The training began with a greeting from SŌKE, followed by spirited commands from the SHIHAN.
This year's guiding principle is "挑 (Challenge)." We must continually strive to challenge new endeavors and always move forward.
Starting with the basics, we practiced KATAs, YAKUSOKU KUMITE, and our traditional finale of 1,000-HON TSUKI.
In the end, SŌKEhimself descended from the stage and led the 1,000-HON TSUKI, observing each participant's face, foreseeing their year ahead.
After the training, the staff provided a heartwarming soup and crackers, which comfortingly warmed our bodies in the deep winter.
Furthermore, the second part of our Kangeiko will be held on the January 14th at the Harumi Futo for the Chuo and Koto Wards in Tokyo. We will report on the progress in due course.
On February 4th, we will perform a demonstration at the Asakusa Public Hall, an event hosted by the Taito Ward.


Representative Demonstrations: KŪSHANKŪ and GOJUSHIHO

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