Visit the Dominican Republic and New York

Nakazaki Soke visited the Dominican Republic and New York.

8 years ago, the late Miguel Peña Hanshi from the Dominican Republic came to Japan despite being ill while doctors stopped him. He considered the future of many masters to whom he had given diplomas, and he listened to their wishes to enter Yushinmon.
, promised to take care of them.
This is the 4th visit since Miguel Hanshi passed away, and we are finally able to create a solid form.
Inheriting the will of Miguel Hanshi, the masters who have spread all over the world are gathering at the Yushinmon.
Thinking back to the late Miguel Hanshi, who entrusted his thoughts to Nakazaki Soke, I am deeply moved.

November 3, 2022 Landed at Santo Domingo Airport in the Dominican Republic. At the airport, Shihan Montalvo and Shihan Odalix welcomed us, and Shihan Cuebas also rushed from Puerto Rico. This was my first visit in two and a half years as the ban on travel was finally lifted as COVID-19 converged.
In the evening, we had a meeting with the instructors. On the next day, we opened a new dojo at the Dominican Yushinmon Hombu Dojo.
The next day, we visited Haina Dojo, which is a little far away, and I could feel the enthusiasm and passion of Bienvenido Shihan and other enthusiastic instructors and students in a quiet area unlike Santo Domingo. We were deeply awed by the politeness of children as well as adults. In addition, dojo instructors from Punta Cana and Samana participated, and we felt that Nakazaki Soke Sensei's courageous spirit is steadily taking root.

November 7 (Monday)
Arrive at Newark Airport
We visited the new dojo in New York.
This time, due to COVID-19, We had a meeting with the instructors in New York who we had not been able to meet in person for two years, and visited each dojo.
There are already two dojos in New York, and the Brooklyn dojo is becoming more lively with the addition of new dojos from other schools.
Santana Shihan rushed from Orlando to accompany us.
Also, from Washington DC, Lewis Shihan and his family stayed at the same hotel as Souke Sensei and had a meeting. Lewis Shihan's students in New York and their parents also rushed to the event.
The dojo was as hot as the Dominican comrades.
The parents wanted to express their gratitude for coming all the way to visit us. There is no doubt that New York will become even more lively with this opportunity.

Dominican Republic Head Dojo

New member Odalix Shihan

Jose Pena Shihan (Late Miguel Pena's son)

Meeting with Dominican instructors

New Dojo in Dominican Republic

New member Quinonez Shihan

Dominican Haina Dojo

Bienvenid Shihan

New York

         Bluno Shihan
Gariba Shihan         

Jeter Vargas Shihan

Santana Shihan (Rhode Island)
Santana Shihan (Orlando)

Santiago Shihan from Washington, D.C., visited Nakazaki Soke with his family and spent three days at the same hotel.

Santiago Shihan's apprentice came to the hotel with his parents.

A message from the parents : Thank you for taking time to come visit us. Thank you for teaching our kids and leading the Senseis that carry out your teachings and your legacy. We were happy and proud to see our children sharing and learning from you. YUSHINMON FOR EVER!

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