Championship Match

The 26th Karate Competition Match in Tokyo (for Selected Players)

When big typhoon was about to attack metropolitan area on September 8, 2019, National Olympics Memorial Youth Center in Yoyogi, Tokyo, was filled with excitement. Boys and girls in white karate uniform were working around actively and their families are streaming into the Gymnasium. Some gray-haired people with commanding air was leading young people.

Seats in front was filled with distinguished guests and the players were forming into lines to wait for the opening ceremony to start. A portrait of the Eminent Grand Master, ISAMU TAMOTSU, was watching over them from above. This 26th Karate Competition Match in Tokyo for Selected Players is also marked the 100th anniversary of his birth. Yasutaka Nakazaki, Yushinmon Soke, the first disciple of Isamu Tamotsu with full proficiency, mentioned in his opening address about an episode of the Grand Master.

When he was young and had just started teaching as shihan, Tamotsu Isamu Sensei told me ‘Budo is not just teaching technique. It is important to teach your students how to discipline their mind through Karate-do as martial arts. They say there is no secret in Budo, but I think the effort to find the principles of Karate itself itself is mental training to be respectable person, what do you think?’ Now that tens of years have passed, I feel he is telling me ‘You have made a big result but still have a long and hard way to go’.

There were more young best players then before in this competition and new generation is succeeding Yushinmon. It seemed the Grand Master was smiling in his portrait.

Opening Ceremony

Group and Individual Exhibition

Scenes from the first match to third-place play off

Special Exhibition of Soke Nakazaki

Final Match

Kata, Individual, Junior High Students

Kata, Group

Kumite, Individual, Junior High Boys Students

Awards and closing celemony

Ryosei Endo, Champion of Higher Grades of Elementary School for Purple/Green/Yellow belts

Yumeka Maruyama, 1st Dan, Champion of Higher Grades of Elementary School for Black/Brown belts

Yasuhiro Shirota, 3rd Dan, Special Prize from the Chairman of the Competition

Special Ceremony

100th Anniversary of Grand Master Isamu Tamotsu’s birth

A special ceremony to celebrate 100th Anniversary of Grand Master Isamu Tamotsu’s birth was held on September 7th in the dojo of the headquarter. Chief priest of Hikawa Shrine came to offer up Shinto prayers in a majestic manner in front of portrait of the Grand Master.

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