Training camp

Training camp 2023
May 3~5, Reiwa 5, Kawaguchiko, Yamanashi

We held our annual training camp for 2 nights and 3 days.
The classification of the new coronavirus infection under the Infectious Diseases Act will be lowered to "Class 5", the same as seasonal influenza, from May 8, and May 3 is in the midst of Golden Week, which is full of a sense of liberation for the first time in several years. The departure meeting place "Busta Shinjuku" was full of many people and was very busy.
Elementary school students participating for the first time, elementary and junior high school students who participate in the event every year, and more than 50 high school students boarded the express bus carrying large Boston bags and backpacks.
Under a cloudless blue sky that could be said to be "May sunny," anticipation and nervousness increased as Mt. Fuji gradually became larger and larger as the train window saw ahead.
Even though the departure time from "Busta Shinjuku" to "Kawaguchiko Station" was earlier than usual, it took 4 hours to arrive due to traffic congestion on the Chuo Expressway.
At Kawaguchiko Station, the Nakazaki Soke who had been in the area from the previous day greeted us and said to each of them, "You came here often," and the fatigue of the long trip was blown away in an instant.
Arrive at the inn, have lunch, divide the room, and move on to the gymnasium.
At first, all the participants introduced themselves and announced their enthusiasm, then they were divided into classes and the rehearsals began.

May 3 (1st day)

Meet at Shinjuku Busta


Arrive at Kawaguchiko Station

Self-introduction First-time participants lined up in front of

Pin-an kata

Junior high and high school students practice mainly kumite


Study before going to bed

Juice after a bath

May 4 (2nd day)

Annual relay

Kawaguchiko Kitahara Museum

Lake Kawaguchi On the shore

Practice from 1 p.m. to 6 p.m.

Teaching Boh- jutsu to junior high school students

Kumite instruction for junior high school students

Rei-hou for Katana(Etiquette of sword art)

Buke-mai(samurai dance)

Kneeling forward and backward

Explain the rules of the match

Matches by elementary school students

Teaching Hantobi-sokutoh(half-jumping swords)

Finishing samurai dance

Sweets and juices

May 5 (3rd day)

Early morning gymnastics and marathons

Very energetic 80 years old


Kawaguchiko Station

Seen off by Soke Sensei to Shinjuku

Arrival at Shinjuku Busta

This time it was a training camp for elementary, junior high and high school students, but we are considering a training camp for general trainees as soon as possible.

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