2nd Kobudo Bojutsu Demonstration Tournament

2nd Kobudo Bojutsu Demonstration Tournament

The 2nd Kobudo Bojutsu Demonstration Tournament was held at Koenji Hall in Suginami Ward, Tokyo.
Last year, the tournament was mainly for general players, but this year high school students also participated, making it a young and lively event.
The characteristics and fun of Bojutsu are different from those of barehanded Karate, and the emphasis on training seems to have contributed to the tournament's success.
Although last year's winner was eliminated in the first round due to an upset loss, the tournament was marked by the emergence of newcomers.
The Bukemai dance performed by three women before the games was very dignified and beautiful in its strength, and it was a gorgeous opening to the tournament.
The performances of Gojushiho by the elementary school students' representatives, Souryu-Tesshaku by Yamashita Shihan, and Tokumine-no -Kon by Ono Shihan continued, further tightening the atmosphere of the venue.
Both the men's and women's competitions were won by narrow margins, and it was not surprising that anyone could have won.
Drawing on last year's experience, the matches were played out in a relaxed atmosphere with a sense of martial arts tactics.
In addition to the strength of the fighters, it was also impressive to see the high school students becoming more relaxed with each round.
The Soke's general comment was to recognize the progress everyone has made since last year's tournament and to expect even more in the future.

Opening Ceremony





Tokumine-no -Kon





Awards Ceremony

First place Honami Inaba 3rd dan

Second place Chihiro Ono 5th dan

Third place Maria Mochizuki 2nd dan

First place Yuta Kurosawa 4th dan

Second place Yasushi Yoshida 4th dan

Third place Kenji Kajiwara

Rookie Award Kenji Kajiwara

Elementary school students performing a demonstration of Gojushiho
Togo Endo 1st dan Miho Yamada 2nd dan

Commentary by Soke

Soke said a valuable story about bojutsu.

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