Kobudo Bo-jutsu Demonstration Tournament

1st Kobudo Bo-jutsu Demonstration Tournament

Sunday, June 26, 2022
The 1st Kobudo Bo-jutsu Demonstration Tournament was held at Za-Koenji, Suginami-ku, Tokyo.
The tournament was attended by general and middle black-belt students from 3rd to 5th Dan. Four middle dan and one high school girl joined the male participants as special entries.
In the tournament format, each competitor demonstrated one at a time and was judged by a point-scoring system. Only in the final match, two people demonstrated at the same time.
The number of players was limited to 30 for the first tournament, which was held without spectators.
This year, those who received direct instruction from Soke dominated the top ranks. The participants who received direct instruction were outstanding in the use of the stick and other details.
It was announced that not only Kata but also Kumi-uchi will be offered next time.
We are all determined to practice hard to achieve higher goals.

1st Kobudo Bo-jutsu Demonstration Tournament Winners List

First place Second place Third place Fourth place
内園 教之 小野 千尋 吉田 泰司 稲葉 醒旺

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