Map of the Tokyo Headquarters DOJO

TEL/FAX : 03-3299-5645
mail :
HARA Building 1-12-10 Honmachi Shibuya-ku Tokyo Japan / ZIP 151-0071

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A 5 minute walk from the HATSUDAI station, KEIO-SHINSEN line.

It is located in the residential area between the KOSHU-KAIDO and SUIDO-DORO, near the HONMACHI TOSHOKAN Library.
Take the north exit of the HATSUDAI station through the Central ticket gate, and you will come out on the KOSHU-KAIDO. Then walk to the right, towards the MITSUBISHI UFJ Bank, and pass it.
Continue walking about 500m. You will pass the fire station, a crossover bridge and YOYOGI Police Station.
Make a right turn on the second alley after passing the YOYOGI Police Station, at the corner of the MITSUMOTO Building.
DOJO is located in the 9th building from the corner on the right hand side. It is in the HARA Building, a 4-story building in front of the cleaners.

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