In Memory of Miguel Peña

In Memory of the last Miguel Peña

It has been five years this year since Miguel Peña, the father of Caribbean karate, passed away. As the anniversary of his death approaches, we remember his days in Japan as if it were yesterday.

In April 2016, he came to Japan despite his illness and stayed for a week. The purpose of his visit was to bring his students, now spreading all over the world, together with himself, to a new path of karate under SOKE Nakazaki of Yushinmon.

He was present at the training sessions at the Sohonbu Dojo and the special training for Black Belts, and interacted with the students with a warm smile.

Miguel Peña himself had been banned from traveling to Japan by his doctor, but he overcame the opposition of those around him and came to Japan.

Miguel Peña took the hand of SOKE Nakasaki and made a firm promise to him. He was concerned about the future of his students, and his heart went out to the SOKE. SOKE awarded him the rank of Hanshi 8-Dan, and he left Japan with the sincere hope that he and his students would have a bright future in Shorinji-ryu karate.

Eight months later, in December 2016, Miguel Peña passed away with much regret.

In February of 2017, SOKE Nakazaki visited the grave of Miguel Peña in Dominica, and in front of his family and students, he awarded the late Peña the rank of Hanshi 9-Dan in honor of his life.

In honor of his achievements and memory, his spirit still lives on the Sohonbu Dojo.

Special Training for Black Belts

During His Stay

SOKE's Visit for Dominica

Name Tag of the last Miguel Peña at the Sohonbu Dojo
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