The 3rd KOBUDO BO-JUTSU Demonstration Tournament

The 3rd KOBUDO BO-JUTSU Demonstration Tournament

March 24, 2024 (Sunday)
The 3rd BO-JUTSU Demonstration Tournament was held at the Shibuya District Sports Center Dojo.
Following last year, it was a general division tournament, and as it progresses, both men and women have enhanced the content, making it an even more fulfilling tournament.
Before the matches, the performance of YUSHINMON BUKE-MAI by two women highlighted strength and flexibility, offering a gallant, beautiful, and splendid start.
The atmosphere grew tense with performances, CHINTO, GOJUSHIHO, BASSAI, and KUSHANKU by elementary and middle school representatives, BO-JUTSU by Kurosawa SHIHAN, and TOKUMINE NO KON by Ono SHIHAN.
Leveraging their experience, the matches conveyed a calm atmosphere while also showcasing the strategic depth of budo. Additionally, the increasingly impressive performances by newcomers, not just in strength but also in agility, were memorable.
The SOKE's review also acknowledged the efforts since last year's tournament, expressing anticipation for the future.
Furthermore, it was mentioned that the next event would introduce new KATA for BO-JUTSU and incorporate KUMI-UCHI matches.

Opening Ceremony

Greetings from SOKE

YUSHINMON representative advisor: Ms. Otsu Hiroko Suginami Ward Council Member: Ms. Kuramoto Mika

Athlete's Oath




This KUSHANKU was developed from the original teachings by the late Tamotsu Isamu, and SOKE NAKAZAKI was directly taught and mastered it over the course of three years.

BO-JUTSU: Kurosawa Yuta (5th Dan) TOKUMINE NO KON: Ono Chihiro (5th Dan)


Up to the Third Place Match

Wadaiko Daigen-gumi: Mr. Yuzawa Motoichi

Final Match

Award Ceremony

The 3rd BO-JUTSU Demonstration Tournament Award Winners

Champion Second Place Third Place
Women's Division Inaba Honami Muramatsu Chieko Oda Mari
Men's Division Kajiwara Kenji Uchizono Noriyuki Kuramoto Hiroshi

Special Prize Newcomer Prize
Kawano Misako Muramatsu Chieko
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