30th Tokyo Karate-do Invitational Tournament (announcement)

We will be hosting the 30th Tokyo Karate-do Invitational Tournament.

At present, we are conducting preliminary battles in various districts in preparation for the tournament.

Date and Time September 17, 2023 (Sunday), starting at 10:00 AM
Venue National Olympic Youth Center, Main Gymnasium
Category ※ Kumite matches with protective gear, Individual tournament
  Junior High School division
  High School & General division
※ Kata matches
  Lower Elementary School division Upper Elementary School division
  Junior High School division High School & Women's General division
  High School & Men's General division Masters
※ Individual Kata, Team Kata, Kobudo demonstration
  Boys & Girls, High School, General division demonstration
※ Shiwari
Host Doto Shorinji-Ryu Bogu-Tsuki Karate-Do Renmei (General Incorporated Association)
Co-Host Tokyo-To Shorinji-Ryu Karate-Do Renmei
YUSHINMON Branches in various districts of Tokyo
Administrator Nippon Budo-Den Yushinmon Sohonbu

On June 11th, I was invited to watch the 6th All-Japan Ryukyu Kobudo Championship, and on June 18th, the All-Japan Karate Goju-Kai National Championship.
My initial invitation to the Goju-Kai National Championship dates back nine years ago, in 2016, when I was introduced and invited through the assistance of the wife of Asai Tetsuhiko Sensei of Shotokan Karate.
Starting from the following year, 2017, I have been receiving invitations to the Ryukyu Kobudo Championship from Kanaya Yoshitaka Sensei and Sofue Toshikazu Sensei.
Despite the progress of the competition, I deeply admired the fact that Yamaguchi Goshi Sensei himself led the demonstrations, showing a model of a true martial artist to boys, girls, and the general public.
I also observed their meticulous attention to the guests and spectators, which I aspire to emulate.
In Yamaguchi Sensei's address, he said, "Those who practice Budo should never defame others. Moreover, those who defame others are not qualified to practice Budo." Everyone at the venue was listening intently.
I want to take this message seriously, especially at this time, as important words to bear in mind.
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