Certified Referee System

Certified Referee System

Last year, a certified referee system was introduced into Yushinmon karatedo.
The rules were perfected as a referee system and put into effect after approximately two years of consideration.
The first training session was held last year, followed by the second and third sessions for KATA and KUMITE from the beginning of this year.
Referees who pass the written and practical examinations after trainings will be able to demonstrate their abilities at future tournaments.

◆Main schedule of the year

May 3-5
Training camp (Lake Kawaguchi) near Mt. Fuji

May 22
Karatedo tournaments
(Hou-ou Cup / Seiryu Cup)

[Reverense for My Master and New Challenge]
Publication of a book written by Soke Yasutaka Nakazaki

Celebration of the 10th anniversary of the founding of Yushinmon

10th anniversary
29th Tokyo Championship

Festa 2022

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