Puerto Rico branch

Shihan Otero Ortiz and Shihan Rafael Cuebas learned that the Grand Master SOKE Nakazaki had established YUSHINMON, and decided to join.

They visited SOKE, and participated in his special training sessions in Tokyo, 2014.

SOKE then granted them permission to open their DOJOs in Puerto Rico following completion of those sessions.



Yushinmon folks from Puerto Rico participated in the 22nd YUSHINMON KARATE Championship Match in 2015

Two SHIHANs and three players stayed in Tokyo from August 31 to September 11 in order to take part in the 22nd YUSHINMON KARATE Championship Match. SHIHANs fulfilled important role as judge, and three players played in tournaments and showed amazing performance.

2019/11/18~2019/11/23 SOKE visited DOJOs in Puerto Rico

International YUSHINMON Budo Federation establishment meeting
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