2nd Kobudo Bo-jutsu Demonstration Tournament

2nd Kobudo Bo-jutsu Demonstration Tournament will be held.

Date: Sunday, February 19, 2023
Opening at 9:30 a.m.
Place: Suginami Hall
Event: Boh Match / Boh Batting Match
Participants: Participants who are at the level of training or higher
Organizer: Japan Budo Den Yushinmon General Headquarters

This year is the second edition, and participation will be held in the general men's division and the general women's division.
This time, 10 high school students will participate.
You will be able to see the matches that have improved even more than last year.
As demonstrations, Gojushiho-kata by elementary school black belts, Bassai-kata by junior high school students, Bukemai by women, Tokuminenokon and Soryutessyaku(sai) by Shihans will also be performed.
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Boh Batting Match Wearing Original Gusoku
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